Calculated Risk

by Rick Reid / Phlogiston Theory

Time Shadows 04:46
Acid Rain 07:40
Walkabout 07:02
Unobtanium 07:05


Every track in this collection of experimental electronic recordings has one major thing in common - much of what you hear is the result of chance: a patch cord plugged into a random jack, a knob turned a little further than planned, an effects pedal with a mind of its own, a rhythm or melody that came from completely out of nowhere.

Each composition began with construction of a unique signal chain through a series of analog and digital audio processors, then knobs were tweaked and antennae were activated in ways that can never be duplicated. These performances were captured live in the studio. With the exception of the vocoder vocals in track 12, there was no overdubbing and very minimal editing. So, each of these dozen tracks had only one chance to emerge from a tangle of electrons, circuit boards and patch cables to make itself be heard and shared.

Tracks 1, 4, and 9 were created with a Moog Theremini. Track 11 was created with a vintage Hammond E-111 tone wheel organ. All other tracks were created, primarily, with an assortment of Moog moogerfoogers. Additional sound sources included the Moog Slim Phatty and the Electro-Faustus Drone Thing.

When you listen with headphones*, you may hear different elements and layers than if you listen with loudspeakers or your car stereo. Play it as background ambience or in different acoustical environments and find out how the musical experience changes.

Give yourself the chance.

*Be careful. Save your hearing and set the volume at a safe level when wearing headphones. Some of these recordings start quietly but get much louder.

Thanks for listening!

Rick Reid
Denver, Colorado, USA
March 24, 2015


released March 24, 2015

Rick Reid - Moog Theremini, Slim Phatty, Hammond E-111 organ, Electro-Faustus Drone Thing, Moogerfoogers, Minifoogers, various other effects devices and sequencers, vocoder vocals.


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Rick Reid / Phlogiston Theory Denver, Colorado

Rick Reid (aka Phlogiston Theory) has been involved in electronic music and sound effects design for most of his life. He took piano lessons in his childhood. Since then, he has played everything from Stylophones to modular synthesizers, with a particular focus on theremins and other instruments with unconventional user interfaces. Rick also hosts the Theremin 30 podcast. ... more

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