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Purchase a backstage pass for just $12 per year for a subscription to all of my current and upcoming music releases. In addition to my album-length releases, as a backstage pass subscriber, you will get instant access to single releases, including both brand new recordings and archival works that have never been available for downloading on Bandcamp. As an added bonus to subscribers, you will also get occasional exclusive downloads of other goodies to be announced, such as original sound effects or ring tones.

With a backstage pass, there is no need to pay each time you download one of my tracks. For $12, you're covered for 12 months.

Your financial support will help me invest more of my personal time in my recording studio and add new instruments and technology to create innovative experimental electronic music recordings for your listening pleasure.

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Rick Reid
Denver, Colorado
Rick Reid has been involved in electronic music and sound effects design for most of his life. His first electronic instrument was an optical theremin built with a Radio Shack electronics kit. He has since played everything from Stylophones to modular synthesizers, with a particular focus on theremins and other instruments with unconventional user interfaces.

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